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What We Do?

TheGiftMagic is not a mere attempt but concrete steps towards creating a platform that caters varied gifting needs of individuals, organizations, enterprises, and creed of people. The platform aims to create an atmosphere were gifts exchanged adds value to the lives of sender and receiver.

Office needs, birthdays, events, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, and Marriage Anniversary; all of these golden opportunities for people to showcase their caring nature and expressing love. A perfect gift can mend broken relationships and add a cherry to the already jovial relationships.

TheGiftMagic works with a goal to help people make wise, calculated and inspired gifting decisions. The aim is to help people spend money on items that is relevant to the occasion and serves a purpose.

How do we plan to make a difference? 

Internet today provides a pool of options to choose from but not all online stores are willing to serve an incomparable customer experience. We at TheGiftMagic are committed to leveraging a user experience that makes people crave for more. Easy payment, swift delivery, and quality customer management are what keep us moving.

Backed by state of art technology, trained employees, and quality products, we are here to change the way gifts are sold online. The one aim that will never be compromised is the love for serving quality at affordable prices.


Well Not Just Occasion Based Gifts

Accessories, Soft Toys, Kids Section, and Chocolates are some of the genres that we have decided to include only to make customer experience rich and worthy. With products from varied category available in multitude, customers can spend more time on one store and make a final choice.

The coming together of varied genres not only makes online shopping easier for the customers but also helps us reach our goal of serving to a wider audience at affordable prices.


Evolving the Gifting Culture

TheGiftMagic runs on analytics and customer feedback and we have discovered that people tend to fall in love with gifts they buy for others hence we have introduced “The Home Décor” section that optimizes the opportunity and allows people to buy quality gift items for themselves. You can always depend upon us for decorating your homes in the best way possible.

The home décor section includes products that are in sync with Feng Shui and can be used for improving the energy of the beautiful homes.

TheGiftMagic is emerging as the One Stop Shop for all your gifting needs. Check us out today!  thegiftmagic.com 


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